Math 101 - Out of Class Assignment - Week 11

DIRECTIONS: During week 11 (November 6-9) of fall semester 2017 we will not be meeting in the classroom.  Your assignments are to watch the following three videos at some point during that week and to use what you learn from those videos to fill in the handout that is linked at the bottom of this page.  Each of these videos relates to the history of mathematics, which is one of the units we cover in Math 101.  Two of these videos cover lives of mathematicians and can serve as examples to you of the sorts of things to include when you give your mathematician presentation (though your presentation will be far shorter!).  These should be watched in order, and the order in which they are linked here matches the order in which the questions are asked on the handout.


Overcoming Obstacles

The Story of One

Cantor and the Infinite (Sometimes this one doesn't want to cooperate.  If is doesn't load from this link, go to and scroll down in the right-hand menu to "Faculty Videos."  Then look in the list for "Mathematics: A Human Endeavor" [MAPS 10/26/16])

HANDOUTClick here to access a copy of the handout if you do not already have one.