Who I Am as a Teacher:Heidi

I've been teaching since 1987.  I have taught math and science at the junior high level, math at the high school level, math at the junior college level, and I have also taught mathematics classes for in-service teachers through CSU Stanislaus.  I've been in the Yosemite Community College District since 1993 and have taught both at Columbia College and at MJC.

I'm one of those people lucky enough to have a job I LOVE!  Mathematics is my hobby (yes, that is possible!) as well as my career. Not only do I enjoy doing math myself, but I enjoy helping other people as they strive to understand this subject, so being a math teacher is perfect for me.  My goals in teaching mathematics are to help the student understand how to do the necessary skills, and also to show them that mathematics is more than numbers and variables. (Can you believe there is such a thing as "knot theory" which is a branch of mathematics?  And have you ever heard of "fractals and chaos?")   I also try to make my love for my subject shine through in the hope that it will be contagious!  (Well, I can keep hoping, can't I?)

My Education:

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan (1983-1987)

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan (1988-1989)

CSU Stanislaus, Turlock, California (1991-1992, 2006-2009)

My Teaching Experience:

5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Math and Science at Battle Creek Christian (1987-1989)

High School Math at Modesto Christian High (1989-1991)

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics Modesto Junior College  (1993 - 2005, Fall 2006, Fall 2007-Spring 2009)

Algebra Support/Math Consultant Hickman Charter School (1998-2002)

Professional Development Instructor CSU Stanislaus (Spring 2002)

Professor of Mathematics Columbia College (Spring 2004 - interim position)

Professor of Mathematics Modesto Junior College (Fall 2005 to Spring 2006 - interim position)

Professor of Mathematics Modesto Junior College (Fall 2009 to the present - tenured position)

My Interests:

I've recently had to update this section, because life is changing fast!  My husband and I have 3 sons, a daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren. I love being a mom and a grandma!  Our family enjoys playing board games, card games, video games and pool volleyball.  Magic the Gathering is one of my favorite games; as a family we particularly enjoy Splendor, Stone Age, Dominion, Seven Wonders and Avalon.  I am at least as passionate about poetry as I am about mathematics.  Some of my favorite poets are Emily Dickinson, e. e. cummings, Howard Nemerov, W. H. Auden and Piet Hein (who was also a mathematician).  I used to be an athlete, mainly focused on running, have let that go and am currently working on getting back in shape at least a little bit!  I also recently took on a huge challenge in my life, which is to learn how to play the pipe organ.  I've made a lot of progress in the last couple years, and my goal right now is to learn to play the Virgil Fox rendition of Nun danket alle gott. (Here's what it sounds like as played by Sean Jackson.)   We'll see how that goes!  So that's a bit about me; I look forward to learning about you as well!