**Posted at 1:20pm Friday, April 28.  Let me know if you see any errors in the recording of your grade.  This is a lot of data to enter, and I am human.  I will not be turning grades in to the college officially until Monday at noon, in order to allow for time for errors, if they exist, to be caught.  In case of genuine error, please contact me by email immediately, and have your paperwork to support a claim of error.  If it is a matter of your grade being "so close," instead of emailing me please read your syllabus, or check out the information at this "Final Grades FAQ" link: http://meyerh.faculty.mjc.edu/FAQs.html


PLEASE RECALL that this an excel spreadsheet that has multiple classes on it.  In order to find your grade, you need to be on the page for YOUR CLASS.  Once you click to open the grades, look at the bottom of the spreadsheet and make sure that the tab that is highlighted is for your class (70, morning 161, afternoon 161 or 105).