Grades for each class will be updated after each test.  If you want to know exactly what your grade is in between tests, simply divide the number of points you have earned by the number of points possible so far, and that will give you your percentage.** Grades posted at the end of the semester are final.  I cannot increase a grade by 1% simply because it seems `so close' to the next grade up.  Be sure to put in that 1% extra effort from the beginning and throughout. It is my heartfelt desire to see you succeed!! 


Once grades are posted they will be in an excel spreadsheet that has multiple classes on it.  In order to find your grade, you need to be on the page for YOUR CLASS.  Once you click to open the grades, look at the bottom of the spreadsheet and make sure that the tab that is highlighted is for your class.  If you are in Math 30, look for your section number.  If you are in Math 101, look for MW or TTh as the tab label.



**If you are in Math 30 and are trying to determine your exact current grade between tests, add all test points and TPQ points, and find your homework percentage on MyMathLab.  To find your homework POINTS at the time of the first test you need to multiply your homework percentage by 0.2, after Test 2 you would multiply your homework percentage by 0.4 and so on - increasing the "weight" of the homework percentage by an additional 0.2 each time we take a test.  At the end of the class your homework will be worth 100 points.