Math 70


PLEASE NOTE: The textbook we will be using for fall 2016 is Elementary & Intermediate Algebra: Concepts and Applications 6th Edition by Bittinger, Ellenbogen, and Johnson.  The MyMathLab component is required, as homework will be done through that online system. 

Catalog Description of Course

Math 70 - Elementary Algebra - 5 Units
90 Lecture Hours
Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of MATH 20 or qualification by the MJC assessment process.
Equivalent to a first-year high school algebra course. Topics include: simplifying algebraic expressions, solving linear and quadratic equations, factoring, graphing lines and parabolas, solving systems of equations, rational expressions, and radicals, with application problems incorporated into each topic. (A-F or P/NP)(CC MATH 101) Lecture.

Course Learning Outcomes

1) Succeed in Math 90

2) Factor Polynomials

3) Demonstrate proficiency with basic graphing skills

4) Demonstrate mastery of linear equations

5) Solve quadratic equations

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