Click here to go to the MyMathLab site in order to register or sign in.


Registration Directions (including course ID) for Your Class will be provided on a handout on the first day of class.  If you are not initially enrolled but get added from the wait-list later, please be sure to pick up a handout from me right as soon as you are added.


Your homework in this class will be done through the online MyMathLab program.  Because the online component has a digital textbook included, you do not have to buy the physical textbook, but I would encourage you to strongly consider it; many people find it helpful to have the actual textbook to refer to.

Homework assignments will generally open two days before the topic is taught and will close two class days after the topic is taught.  Hopefully this timing will allow you to have some flexibility in terms of when you do your homework but also some accountability to doing it in a timely manner so that you can get maximum benefit and so that it won't "snowball" on you.  

It is possible to try this program out for free for two weeks before committing to purchasing it, but make sure if you do this that you sign in in EXACTLY the same way when you transition from free trial to purchased program.  If you don't use EXACTLY the same name and password (including whether things are capitalized or lower-case) the work you did during the free trial period might be lost.  If you know you're going to stay in the class, and if you're able to afford it at the time, it's really easiest to just purchase it straight up rather than using the 14-day free trial.