MATH 101: Mathematical Ideas and Applications

Course Outline

CLOs (Course Learning Outcomes)

PLEASE NOTE: This class will be unlike any other math class you have ever taken. Most people who have taken this class find that to be a good thing. I hope you will too!  Students often let me know after having taken this class that it's a favorite of theirs - some even say that they finally like math! - and that they're glad they took it. But at the beginning it can feel a bit unsettling because it doesn't look like math you've done before.

I just need to let you know to enter here with an open mind and, as much as possible, without preconceived notions about mathematics. Also, many people take this class having heard from a counselor or friend that it is an easy math class. Well, it might be easier than calculus, depending on your definition of the word easy. I would say most people find the class intriguing and different but not easy. It is a college-level transferable mathematics class after all, so please do not enter with any delusions of ease or you will only be doing yourself a disservice. That said, I think you'll be successful and will also really enjoy the class if you come at it with a bit of curiosity, an open mind, and a readiness to work.

For most students taking this course it is a terminal class - not meaning it will kill you but that it is the last math you ever have to take. Before you leave your mathematics career behind it's important that you know what Math (capital M) really is. It is NOT just crunching numbers and solving for x, far from it! It is fractals and time travel and logic and infinity and beyond!