All of the pages linked in this column were handed out on the first day of class.  I've put them here as well in order to provide you with additional access.  If you have lost the packet to turn in and need to print a new one to turn in, please print ALL three pages in the packet link and staple them together before turning it in.

Introduction & Directions

Mathematician Choice List - If you wish to choose your mathematician rather than having one randomly assigned to you, you may do so from this list up until the end of the second week in class.  Your choice MUST be made from this list.  If you decide to choose, you need to record your choice in the folder outside my office door - first come/first served.

Packet to Turn in - You will be turning this in twice - first during week 7 of the semester and then again during week 10.  Check the class schedule for specific dates for this semester.  You should begin working on this as soon as you know what mathematician you will be presenting on.  BEGIN EARLY!  Please be sure to put your name, your section number, and the name of your mathematician at the top of all three pages of this document.








Some Especially Reliable Online Resources

Mac Tutor Mathematician Bios

All Time Greatest Mathematicians

The Story of Mathematics (Mathematicians)

Heidi Meyer's Math History Blog - This is from a sabbatical I took in spring 2016 to study math history.  Use the search bar (top left) or labels (right column) to find the mathematician you are looking for.  There are some sweet pictures at this site that you can use in your presentation!


Suggested Books (and hints)

 Resources in Print


Other Resources & Suggestions

Your textbook contains short bios of many mathematicians

Check YouTube for interviews of more recent mathematicians (see note below)

Check YouTube for documentaries on mathematicians (see note below)

Sample PowerPoint Presentation

*NOTE: When using YouTube to gain additional information, make sure you are checking it against more reliable sources such as published books, articles in peer-reviewed journals or websites I have listed at the top of this page as being reliable.