Math 101 Tests

Here are links to tests I've given in Math 101 in the past.  My intent in posting them is so that they can be used to some extent as study guides, but all they really are are previously given tests.  Since I am the same instructor and the material is the same material, chances are that your test will be quite similar, but do not expect identical questions - nor a test that is identical in length.  The expectation is that you know all the material from the text, the lectures and the homework.  A test is a random sample of questions intended to check whether or not you have gained this knowledge.  You are responsible to know all the material we covered whether it appears on these old tests or not, but I hope you will find these helpful as you prepare.  Be sure to use other resources as well as you study, such as your notes, your book, and your homework (both written and online).

TEST 1  (List of Topics to Know)

TEST 2  (List of Topics to Know)

TEST 3 (List of Topics to Know)

FINAL EXAM (Study Guide)