MATH 105: Structures of Mathematics 1


Course Outline

CLOs (Course Learning Outcomes)

ABOUT THIS COURSE: This course is designed and intended for students majoring in education, primarily those intending to teach students in elementary school. It is also appropriate for some intending to teach junior high or high school and for parents home-schooling their children. The official title of this class is Structures of Mathematics 1, but it is often called Math for Elementary Teachers. Be clear on the distinction that it is NOT Elementary School Math. Math 89 (or Math 90) is a pre-requisite for this class, and the topics we will be covering can be quite sophisticated. It is expected that you are proficient at the skills from Math 89 (aka "Intermediate Algebra" aka "Algebra II). This is a college-level transferable class, so you are expected to read and write at the college level.

This course has a different focus than any other math class you have taken. Rather than focusing on skills, knowledge, computation and answers, this course emphasizes process, communication, methods, attitude and depth of understanding. For example, while it is a good thing that you are currently able to do subtraction with mixed numbers, this course will require you to be able to demonstrate your ability to explain to a child how to subtract with mixed numbers and WHY we use the steps we use.

This course is intended to give you an overall look at the structure of the field of mathematics so that you can be more effective teachers by having a depth and breadth of knowledge of this subject. You will also learn methods for teaching math in the elementary school, but not every topic will relate directly to elementary school math.