Previously Given Math 105 Tests

PLEASE NOTE: It is very recently that Math 105 has been taught as a 3-unit rather than a 4-unit class.  The class structure will be somewhat different in terms of how the material is covered.  One major difference is that Problem Solving used to be taught as a full unit at the beginning of the course, and there was a Problem Solving test.  In this 3-unit course Problem Solving will be spread throughout the semester, and you will have at least one genuine "Problem" (as opposed to an exercise) on each test.  Even though these tests are not an exact match to the set-up of the new unit structure I have decided to leave them posted here so that you can get an idea of what my tests typically look like in general - what sorts of questions I ask - how I ask them - etc.  I will give you as much guidance as I can in advance of tests to help you prepare.  Remember that you are responsible to know all the material we covered whether it appears on these old tests or not, but I hope you will find these helpful to you.  It would be a good idea to work through some (appropriate) problems on the tests below and to look at the additional "helps" below before our review day so that you have good clarity about what you need to ask me questions about during our review.  As you study also be sure to use your notes, your book, and your homework.



OLD TEST 2 [CH 2-3] - this now corresponds to TEST 1

OLD TEST 3 [CH 4-5] - this now corresponds to TEST 2

OLD TEST 4 [CH 6-7] - this now corresponds to TEST 3

FINAL EXAM [Cumulative]




TEST 2 FALL 2015




For TEST 1 (Problem Solving):  Click here and here for examples of "PROBLEMS" and (good) answers to a couple of questions from a previous Chapter 1 Test.  (Note: For fall 2015 there will be at least one "PROBLEM" - as opposed to exercises - on each test.)

For TEST 2 (CH 2-3):  Depending on the semester I have given separate tests on chapter 2 and chapter 3.  Here are individual tests on each of those chapters that you can use to study from:  Previous Chapter 2 Test and Previous Chapter 3 Test.  Additionally, here is a previously given study guide for the material in chapter 3. And here is a List of topics for Ch 2-3 test spring 2015.

For TEST 3 (CH 4-5)Click here for a helpful page about models and patterns - initially posted fall 2013

For the FINAL EXAM:  As well as the study guide near the top of the page and my old test that I've provided, click here or here to find former finals that colleagues of mine have given that you can also use for practice, and you can click here for a study guide posted fall 2013.  Use this previous study guide CAREFULLY!  Just because I wrote on it that there were some things those students didn't need to know that semester doesn't mean I won't cover them on the exam this semester.  Focus on explanations of things I DO ask for, and check with me during review day about whether or not there are some topics you can skip THIS semester.