Math 161

Textbook: Precalculus 10th edition by Sullivan (book and online access code are needed)

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) 

Catalog Description of Course:

MATH 161*—PRE-CALCULUS 2 -- 4 UNITS 72 Lecture Hours Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of MATH 90. A comprehensive course in analytic geometry and trigonometry. Topics include: trigonometric functions, their inverses and their graphs, identities and proofs related to trigonometric expressions, trigonometric equations, solving right triangles, solving triangles using the Law of Cosines and the Law of Sines, polar coordinates, and introduction to vectors. This serves as a one semester trigonometry course, or together with MATH 162, a two-semester Precalculus course sequence. Field trips are not required. Not repeatable. (A-F or P/NP) Transfer: (CSU) General Education: (MJC-GE: D2) (CSU-GE: B4)


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