Pi  Day Resources

Note - a number of these ideas and the wording for some of the directions come from the Pi Day information page from the Exploratorium: http://www.exploratorium.edu/pi/pi_activities/


Digits of Pi Memorization 

     Sign in sheet/record sheet

     Digits of Pi for Scorer


Buffon's Needle -

Materials needed are an appropriately lined sheet of paper (large), toothpicks, multiple yardsticks or meter sticks, and a calculator.

     Tally Sheet and Directions


Seeing Pi

Materials needed are a can of tennis balls and a tape measure



Finding Pi

Materials needed are a number of circular objects (lids, hula hoop, Frisbee, etc.), lengths of string (at least as long as the longest circumference), yard sticks (or, better yet, meter sticks)


     Record Sheet



Making Pi


Materials needed are many strips of each of 10 colors of paper to make a paper chain.  Each link is to represent a digit of pi based on it's color.  A stapler is also needed for connecting the links.