Mathematical Problem Solving Seminar Fall 2015
Problem Solving Seminar Poster

This seminar is for those who wish to strengthen their creativity and problem solving skills, who enjoy puzzles and who would like to see a different side of mathematics.  It is appropriate for students at or above the Math 90 (Algebra II) level.  Participants will learn strategies and tactics for solving a variety of problems.  This seminar also serves as training for MJC's math tutors.  We meet every other Thursday (dates as shown below) from 3:00 to 4:30 on east campus in Founder's Hall room 151.  Come join the fun!

Handouts from our meetings will be linked below.



    Handouts   Problem Sets
9/10/15  Introduction to Problem Solving  Handout 1   Problem Set 1
10/1/15  Look for a Pattern  Handout 2   Problem Set 2
10/15/15  Number Theory (Divisibility)  Handout 3   Problem Set 3 
10/29/15   Competition Problems & Game  Handout 4  Fall Competition 
11/12/15  Puzzles & Pseudoproofs  Handout 5    Problem Set 5 



Fall 2015: "Twenty-One Plus"



Link to Dots and Boxes Game online (for this one you can set the size)

Check out my "Fun Math" page for math videos, puzzles and other fun math items.

Lock Problem NEW: Automated version of a puzzle from Problem Set 17 - credit goes to Kelvin Traverse for the programming of this game.  The directions are the same as for the lock problem, but the goal is to change all squares to the same color.

Resource blog for use in session.

Resource page for Dr. Angela Pignotti

Click here for rules and information on the SML/AMATYC comptition (which we may participate in).

Past SML Competitions: Problems and Answers